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Marmaris, Datca peninsula which is located in the southernmost part of your country, is like a piece of paradise surrounded by seas on three sides and where the green of pine forest meets the clear blue sea. An important feature of Marmaris beaches that makes difference from many other resorts are its beaches and coves. In this article, we present you 10 wonderful beaches in and around Marmaris

Marmaris Urban Beach: It is a free of charge beach at the center of Marmaris. If you lodge in Marmaris and like to keep close to activities in the city center, Marmaris Urban Beach is the ideal option for you. Easy access, clean water and nice sands are among the important features to enjoy.

Marmaris long beach: It is the second beach in the Marmaris City. It starts where Urban Beach ends, and stretches for 10 km to Içmeler Beach. The long coast line, water activities, and cafes and restaurants as well as its location are reasons for preferring this beach.

Içmeler Beach: It is a wonderful beach in Icmeler area which is a natural extension of Marmaris City. This beach is famous with its sea, sands, and view of nature. You can lodge at a hotel here or make an easy trip from Marmaris by Minibus (Dolmus) or Sea Taxi boat.

Turunc Beach: It is another favorite beach of tourists, 21 km away from Marmaris. Turunc beach is the greatest brand of the town area to which you can access by minibus (dolmuş) or Sea Taxi boat. Along with it natural beauties and wonderful sea, the beach attracts yachtsmen and scuba divers. You can visit Turunç beach by Marmaris all inclusive boat trip.

Gebekse Bay and Gebe Kilise
Kızkumu (Jesus) Beach
Cleopatra Beach
Paradise Island Beach

Kumlubuk Beach: Blue and green meets at this beach. It is 6 km to Turunc and 25 Km to Marmaris. Beside the sea and the sands, the beach is famous with sea food restaurants. Nature walk tracks and magnificent panoramic scenery are among other features to enjoy.

Paradise Island Beach: If you dream about a beach surrounded by forests, you must visit Paradise Island Beach. It is 9 km to Marmaris. Although it is accessible by car, tourists generally visit this wonder of nature with Marmaris boat trip. Beside its sea and nature, it is a good place for nature walkers.

Cleopatra Beach: Would you like to have a sunbath on the golden sands where Cleopatra and Antonius met? If yes, you must visit Cleopatra Beach, 16 km away from Marmaris. A regular stop of boat trips, the beach is also famous with nearby Cedrae antique city of Roman Empire. Another way to go to the beach of Cleopatra is to join the tour of the Marmaris Cleopatra boat trip. You can visit Fenerli island, Yunus island and Incekum beach with this boat trip.

Jesus Beach: It is perhaps the most interesting beach of Marmaris in the sense that you can walk on the sea! Yes, it is true. You can walk on a 600 meter long and three meter wide passage where the left and right sides are deep waters. You can reach Jesus Beach with a Marmaris Jeep Safari, Marmaris Hisarönü boat trip or minibus from Marmaris.


Incekum Beach: The beach of Incekum is about 24 km away from Marmaris and is connected to the village of Camlı. There are no roads to this beach and a kind of trailer called ‘Çekçek’ is provided by tractors. Incekum Beach has recently become popular with its golden beach and crystal clear sea. You can visit the Incekum beach which is one of the natural wonders of Marmaris with Marmaris Cleopatra boat trip.

Gebekse Bay: Located right next to the Çiftlik bay, Gebekse Bay is one of the most beautiful and special bays of the surroundings. There is no car way to the Gebekse bay. You can rent a boat from the Çiftlik bay for transportation or you can visit here with Marmaris Çiftlik boat trip. There is an ancient settlement in Gebekse Bay and an ancient church known as the Pregnant Church (Gebe Kilise). The Gebekse bay is an ideal place for snorkeling with sea goggles. Gebekse Bay, where you will fall in love with both its natural beauties and the underwater world, is a place to visit.

Marmaris Beaches

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